Debut Episode to Feature Silicon Valley Employees Staying Quiet on Political Views for Fear of Backlash 

FOX News Channel (FNC) will debut The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton (TNR) on Sunday, June 4th at 9PM/ET. The one-hour political talk show hosted by FNC contributor Steve Hilton will become a regular part of FNC’s weekend lineup and focus on the impact of the populist movement, both in the United States and throughout the world.

Originating from FNC’s brand-new state of the art studio in Los Angeles, TNR will take an in-depth look at several different issues impacting the government and society. For the duration of each program, a rotating panel of three experts will join Hilton for discussions and debates on the top stories of the week. During the show’s debut, Hilton will present interviews with employees from the Silicon Valley who have not opened up about their political views for fear of backlash.

Additionally, a segment that will reoccur on TNR entitled “SwampWatch” will provide opinion and analysis on which industries, agencies and political groups in Washington D.C. and beyond are having an effect on President Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp.”

Hilton joined FNC as a contributor in 2016 to offer political and tech expertise and analysis across FNC and FOX Business Network’s (FBN) daytime and primetime programs. He co-founded Crowdpac, an independent and non-partisan Silicon Valley political crowdfunding start-up, to help citizens engage in politics.

Additionally, he taught at Stanford University’s Institute of Design ( and is the author of the UK Sunday Times bestseller “More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First.” Hilton previously served as senior advisor to former United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and, prior to the 2010 general election, was Cameron’s head of strategy. Before his work in politics, Hilton co-founded Good Business, a consulting firm, and the award-winning London Restaurant, The Good Cook.


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