FOX Nation will drop a new series Killer Apps hosted by Maria Bartiromo on Monday, February 21st. The four-part investigative series will dive into the meteoric expansion of social media and the apps that influence daily lives, sometimes with dangerous consequences. Bartiromo will spotlight cases in which the social media phenomenon has allowed users to lead double lives and portray a false yet glamorous reality, all in the quest for affirmation through likes and online engagement. Additionally, Bartiromo examines viral trends that, in some situations, have caused emotional distress, lead to fatal accidents or even promoted self-harm and suicide. **Episodic descriptions are below.

Episode 1: Dangerous Algorithms

In the series premiere, Bartiromo interviews Ian Russell, father of Molly Russell who took her own life after he says, she was bombarded with content of self-harm and suicide. Bartiromo is also joined by Joann Bogard, whose son died while attempting the ‘Blackout Challenge’ – a TikTok trend daring teens to strangle themselves until they pass out.

Episode 2: Double Life

Bartiromo speaks with Lissette Calveiro, whose attempt to become a travel blogger landed her in financial debt. The episode also dives into the stories of several individuals who portrayed an alternative reality on their social media pages.

Episode 3: Cartel Tik Tok 

The episode includes an interview with the parents of Ethan Peters, a beauty influencer who died from an apparent accidental drug overdose. Bartiromo also sits down with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to discuss drug cartels recruiting teens via TikTok to help smuggle humans and drugs across the border.

Episode 4: Pro-Ana

Social media is filled with posts encouraging eating disorders and the dangerous content has lead a growing number of teens lives to spiral out of control. The episode spotlights three women who blame social media for their severe eating disorders. Additionally, Bartiromo was joined by Senator Marsha Blackburn, who recently introduced the Kids Online Safety Act, a comprehensive bipartisan legislation to enhance children’s safety online.


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