The Four-Part Series Drops Today 

NEW YORK — February 7, 2022 — FOX Nation will release season two of the subscription steaming service’s popular show Canceled in the USA, hosted by Dan Bongino today, February 7th. Featuring a deep dive into the movement known as “cancel culture,” each episode of the four-part series will showcase in-depth conversations with Bongino, a victim of cancel culture himself, and a variety of guests ranging from law enforcement to professors, doctors and media personalities, to discuss how they’ve been affected by the movement, and its overall impact on the country. As host of FOX News Channel’s Unfiltered with Dan Bongino (Saturdays, 9PM/ET), Bongino delivers one of the top-rated weekend programs in cable news. **Below are episodic descriptions.

Episode One: William Kelly and Prof. Jason Kilborn

In the series premiere, Bongino will introduce Norfolk, Virginia police officer William Kelly who made an anonymous $25 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense, and was canceled when hackers stole his information and shared it with the media. Bongino also tells the story of Illinois law professor Jason Kilborn, whose students falsely claimed he used racial slurs, including calling Black students “cockroaches”. Bongino will also explore the trend of celebrities self-censoring in the current cancelation climate, from The Rolling Stones no longer performing “Brown Sugar,” to Steve Harvey hitting pause on his stand-up comedy, to screenwriter David Zucker lamenting he could not write his classic comedies like Airplane! today.

Episode Two: Rep. Jim Banks, Clay Travis, Trent Colbert

Indiana Congressman Jim Banks details how he was suspended from Twitter when he dismissed the notion that a Biden administration official, a biological male, is “the first female four-star officer of the US Public Health Service.” Additionally, Outkick founder Clay Travis discusses how woke ideology has taken over sports, including the silencing of athletes who do not believe transgender females should compete in women’s sports.  Bongino also tells the story of a Native American law student, Trent Colbert, who was targeted for cancelation by Black classmates over a party invitation they found offensive.

Episode Three: Dr. Peter McCullough, Prof. Dorian Abbot, Dr. Sally Satel

Bongino will present an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, who lost his platform when he criticized the government’s COVID-19 policy, and geophysicist Dorian Abbot who was canceled by MIT over his stance on affirmative action. In addition, doctor and writer Sally Satel discusses the takeover of medicine which pressures doctors to ignore scientific data that questions the social justice narrative.

Episode Four: Paul Rossi, Chris Rufo, Todd Rokita, Russel Vought

In the series finale, Bongino shows how government officials elevated cancel culture to new heights. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, former OMB Director Russel Vought and journalist Chris Rufo take Bongino inside their fight against critical race theory, and two Wisconsin moms worry they could be labeled “domestic terrorists.” Bongino also profiles former high school mathematics teacher Paul Rossi, pushed out of his job after objecting to the curriculum taught to his students.

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