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FOX Nation will debut a new docuseries entitled American Dynasty on Monday, June 27th. Over the course of eight episodes, the series will explore the fascinating backstories that made the families of the American aristocracy — those whose names represent power in business, politics and the industrial industry. Every episode will spotlight the way in which each family achieved fame and fortune, some of whom include blood rivalries, personal struggles and the resilience that only last names can hold. Special guests will include David Rockefeller, great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller Sr., Ben du Pont, great-grandson of Lammot du Pont, Patrick J. Kennedy, author and son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, and late-night icon and automobile aficionado Jay Leno to discuss the Ford family. FOX News Media’s Dana Perino, Bret Baier, Karl Rove and Larry Kudlow will also provide expert commentary on the lasting legacy of these families. *Episodic details below


Episode One: The Vanderbilts

Cornelius “The Commodore” Vanderbilt rose from nothing to build the biggest shipping and railroad empires in America and amassed a great fortune. His dying words were to “keep the money together,” but did his children and grandchildren listen?


Episode Two: The Rockefellers

John D. Rockefeller started out with one kerosene refinery in Cleveland, Ohio. Within 15 years it became Standard Oil, the largest oil producer in the world. After conquering the fuel industry, the Rockefellers gave much of their wealth away and dedicated their lives to philanthropy.


Episode Three: The Fords

Henry Ford was an American pioneer who revolutionized the automobile, the assembly line production method, and brought cars to millions of American families. However, in his personal life, he was far from perfect. American television icon and car collector and connoisseur Jay Leno will share insight on this famed family.


Episode Four: The Gettys

J. Paul Getty made billions of dollars in the oil industry, rising to become the “richest man in the world.” At the peak of his success, his grandson was kidnapped, and the $17 million ransom was less than he was making daily, but would he pay it?


Episode Five: The du Ponts

Since 1802, the du Pont Company has supplied gunpowder to militaries worldwide. But when young Lammot du Pont pushed the company to get out of the business of war, it set off a conflict that transformed not only the family but the American industry for generations.


Episode Six: The Morgans

Junius Morgan and his son JP arrived on Wall Street in the 1860s. By the end of the century, the House of Morgan controlled many of America’s biggest industries, including the railways and US Steel. Through wars and recessions, the Morgan family dominated Wall Street and represented capitalism in America.


Episode Seven: The Kennedys

Joe Kennedy is the grandson of Irish immigrants who, after graduating from Harvard, conquered Wall Street and Hollywood. When his own political career was cut short, he focused on his children – one became President, while the rest dedicated their lives to public service.


Episode Eight: The Bushes

The Bushes are one of America’s oldest families. They are known more for their genteel manners and success in business than politics. When war hero George H.W. Bush decided he wanted to run for president, was the family name enough to ensure victory? 


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