NEW YORK – June 30, 2022 – FOX Nation, FOX News Media’s subscription based streaming service, will debut season nine of its iconic series What Made America Great with host Brian Kilmeade on Thursday, June 30th. During this season of the history-rich program, Kilmeade will explore his hometown in Nassau County, Long Island along with Dearborn, Michigan, Galveston, Texas, Century City, California and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Joined by special guests throughout the season, Kilmeade will uncover the historical significance of each locale, detailing their contributions in making America great.

**See below for episodic descriptions.

Episode One: The History of the Aircraft Carrier

To commemorate the centennial of the USS Yorktown, Kilmeade travels to Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina to investigate the history of the famed aircraft carrier with Kevin Miller, James Flatley and Seamus Flatley, retired United States Navy members.

Episode Two: The History of Early Hollywood

Set at the FOX Studios in Century City, California, Kilmeade explores the dreams made and lost, glitz, glamor, fame and fortune of the history of Hollywood with UCLA professor Jonathan Kuntz, Hollywood historian Marc Wanamaker, Hollywood journalist Jeanne Wolf and actress and daughter of famed American football player and sportscaster Mark Schlereth, Alexandria Schlereth.

Episode Three: The History of Law Enforcement

Kilmeade heads back to his hometown in Nassau County, Long Island to speak with Pat Rider, Nassau County PD Commissioner, George Day, retired Nassau County police officer who was injured in 2019 and Pattie McDonald, wife of the late NYPD officer Steven McDonald, to learn about the impact police have had in America.

Episode Four: The History of the Car

Kilmeade travels to Dearborn, Michigan, home to the Ford Rouge Center and The Henry Ford Museum. Speaking with Ford Motor Co. experts including Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley and employees Linda Zhang, Ciera Casteel as well as The Henry Ford Museum Director Cynthia Jones, Kilmeade discovers the history of the car and the impact Henry Ford’s innovation had on America.

Episode Five: The History of Oil

Kilmeade visits Galveston, Texas and Midland, Texas where the hurdles, pitfalls and success of the American oil industry are revealed from special guests including Texas land commissioner and son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, George P. Bush, historian Jason Theriot and oil experts Jose Tovar, Jeffrey Gorski, Mark A. Childers and David Campbell.

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